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Candle Design Parties!

The past two years we've had to put our CANDLE DESIGNING PARTIES on hold due to Covid, and instead have been offering CUSTOM CANDLE WEEKS.

We are here to let you know that the CANDLE DESIGNING PARTIES are back!

***How It Works***

Bring us your beautiful, unique, funky, vintage, glass, metal, ceramic, vessels to be poured a fragrance YOU create.

We will measure your vessels for total volume of ounces upon arrival. You'll be charged $3 an ounce.

Once you're paid up you'll then move on to the FUN PART of creating your
signature scent combination.

You may use up to 3 different scents per each vessel.
We can help with your scent combinations if you wish to collaborate, but you should have fun with this!

(There is no wrong combination,
so get funky with it!)

Once you've chosen your scent
combinations, just let us know and that's it!

We take your vessels and your scent and create your order!

Candles will not be poured on the spot; no candle pouring is involved in this event. You can expect a message from us within 7-10 business days letting you know your candles are ready for pickup.

Come and go as you please during the time frames and take as little or as much time as you need.

You're welcome to hang out, visit, shop with us before, during, and after!


***Vessel Requirements***

• Must be able to hold liquid, so no holes (including items like teapots)

• Minimum 2" wide opening
• The vessel should basically be as wide at the mouth (top) is it is at the base (bottom)

• Vessel cannot exceed 5" tall
• The inside bottom of the container must have a flat, smooth surface area for the wick to stick properly

• Limit of 5 vessels per person

• Acceptable Vessel Materials:
Glass, Ceramic, Aluminum, Brass

• Vessel must be at least 4oz in volume (we will not pour anything smaller than this)

• If your vessel is between 4-5 oz we will only pour with a singular scent choice

• To fill your vessel with a custom blend of up to 3 different scents, your vessel must be at least a 6oz pour

• There will be no "partial pours" offered at this event, so please expect to fill the vessel you bring

• Please bring us CLEAN vessels
If your vessel is not squeaky clean we will charge a $2 cleaning fee per vessel.


Here's when it's happening next — WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU! 
Often Wander's September Candle Design Party Calendar

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