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My name is Sarah and I'm the creator of Often Wander, an eclectic collection of jewelry, candles, succulents, home decor and so much more. I have always had the creative spirit but have channeled it in many different forms. I started out dancing, which brought me to San Diego from Minnesota in 2004. I danced professionally in San Diego for many years, but felt the need to create something else, something that people could hold and enjoy everyday. It wasn't until traveling abroad and roaming the streets of Berlin and Barcelona that I really figured out how I wanted to spend my creative energy. Often Wander was born in January 2012 after arriving back to the states full of inspiration. It all started with my Wrapped Bracelets and then my Mala Beads and my collection of vintage glass candles... and I knew this is what I wanted to do.

Often Wander has given me the freedom to explore, meander, and create whatever it is that inspires me at the time; an umbrella to all the many things I like to make. I draw from my experiences growing up in Minnesota, memories of sewing with my Grandma, painting with my Mom, making candles with my Dad, and beading from the Native American culture that I grew up in. These memories stay with me as I travel, go on adventures, treasure hunt, and collect unique and vintage pieces along the way. Often Wander is what I stand for; for being curious at heart, and exploring all of your passions at once. 

Always evolving and ever wandering!

O F T E N  W A N D E R ,  W A N D E R   O F T E N. 





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