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Special Vessel Fills

Not only can you refill your Often Wander candles by shipping or bringing in your empty vessels to our shops, you can now bring us ANY* special vessel on any day of the week!
*vessel must meet normal custom fill requirements*


Just like the traditional Custom Candle Week, you can bring us clean and unique vessels of your very own and fill it with one of our Often Wander fragrances — but now, instead of this offer running one week at a time, it is offered EVERYDAY!

Unscented wax = $1.50/oz
Standard OW scents = $3.00/oz
Essential Oil scents = $5/oz

We will measure the volume of your container(s) in store, on-the-spot. From there, we will gather your contact information, collect payment, and send your soon-to-be custom candle to our production studio.

You can expect a message for pickup for your full, ready-to-burn candle in up to 7 business days.

While larger vessels make amazing statement pieces, they do add up quick! Smaller, unique pieces are just right for this service.

We can't WAIT to see all of the groovy, funky, fun vessels you bring us!


Vessel Requirements:

• Minimum of 4oz. in volume

• Minimum 2" wide opening

• Minimum Height: 5" tall
• Must be able to hold liquid, so no holes — including items like teapots
• The vessel should basically be as wide at the mouth (top) is it is at the base (bottom)

• The inside bottom of the container must have a flat, smooth surface area for the wick to stick properly

• Acceptable Vessel Materials: Glass, Ceramic, Aluminum, Brass
• Vessel(s) must be CLEAN prior to drop off
Any questions? Contact us at


**Important Candle Care:

Start by trimming the wick to 1/4 of an inch in length, every time you burn.

Do not let the flame burn over 1” high.

Never leave unattended or in reach of pets or children.

Always place on a temperature safe surface.

DO NOT burn near anything flammable!

For optimal results, on your first burn, let the entire surface pool before blowing me out, candle will burn evenly every time there after.

Link to Often Wander's Candle Care Instructions page


Every other month we host Candle Design Parties at each shop.

This is the opportunity to come build beautiful, custom fragrances to go in your favorite, unique vessels.

Here's when it's happening next:


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