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Baule | African Textiles



The traditional Baule fabric is originally hand stitched, died, and woven by West Ivory Coast artisans and weavers using a tenth century set of techniques.

First, the craftspersons - mostly women - use a drop-spindle tool to convert raw cotton into single threads or yarns. The yarn is then bleached to remove all impurities and dirt, and later exposed to dry under the sun.

After a few days, the same yarn is dyed with natural dyes, either mineral or vegetable based, usually from indigo leaves or other natural plants. Then, after being soaked in the natural colorant, the yarns are left to dry under the sun once again.

Before the weaving process, the weaver would set the design in mind and actualize the concept by arranging the colored threads on a two wooden stands, according to what the final fabric would look like.

Once the colored threads are handwoven into narrow strips of textiles, they are then sewn together, edge to edge, as to form a full fabric.


We use them as a throw, beach or park blanket, and tapestries. The fabric is also great for upholstering to make exquisite and edgy pillows for your couch, bed, or patio!

These textiles are versatile and great for just about anything needing bold color.

This is an intricately woven fabric, which requires a gentle cleaning process. Extra special attention and care is needed for this fabric to last over the years.

*Please see the Baule Textile Care Instructions below.


Dimensions: ≈ 2.5' x 5.5'

Due to the handmade nature of these pieces, natural abrasion is normal and each piece is unique!

Sold separately.


Baule Textile Care Instructions:

1. Wash

Only wash when absolutely necessary.

Before washing your Baule textile, it is best to test a small piece of any part of the fabric to make sure the cleaning agent and/or detergent works properly.

If you have never cleaned Baule fabric before with a certain kind of detergent, it is best to test it. But, once you know that a detergent works well, you can use it on all your future Baule textiles!

Most detergents will work well, but it is best to take the extra precaution.

Avoid using the harsher kinds of detergents and soaps with chemicals as you can never be quite sure of the chemical reaction that might take place with the dyes of the fabric and the cleaning agent.

Submerge your Baule textile in cool water, gently stirring.

Let sit for about 5 mins.

Remove Baule.

Gently ring out excess water.

2. Dry

Hang dry or lay flat.  Please do not dry these garments in direct sunlight — this can cause excessive fading.

3. Additional Care

Iron on back of fabric, on (low) cotton setting if needed.


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