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Sarah is the Owner and Creator of Often Wander!

"I love Warm Winds sooo much. I'm a sucker for anything coconut and love the fragrance journey this candle takes me on.
Burning anything with coconut when it's cold outside is a life hack everyone should know about. It definitely transports me to a warm, tropical island somewhere."

"I just love how bold and beautiful our Fearless Warrior Necklace is. She's not afraid to take up space, be loud, or proud. The angel with the sword is also a whole mood that feels appropriate right now, too.
As a sun worshiper, I love carrying a little piece of sunshine with me. Our El Sol Golden Necklace is my own talisman, reminding me how good I feel in the sunshine."

"I also love our Polished Pearl Beaded Bracelet. Pearls have GROWN on me in the last couple of years, and there is something so elegant, timeless, chic, and grounding about them. I feel so connected to the ocean when I wear them."  

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