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East Village Lookbook

This Look Book photoshoot took place in urban nooks of East Village in Downtown San Diego on a very hot morning in September 2015. Andy Rae is a photographic genius and Jessi Anderson is a beautiful muse. We threw as much jewelry on Jessi as we could and spent the morning wandering and showcasing the new Shibori scarves, and some fresh jewels. 

The Tiered Triangle Necklace is one of my favorite pieces for layering. Its long, shiny, and  eye catching.

You can never have too make necklaces.

One of my favorite pieces as well. I have an obvious obsession with tassels, so when a dear friend gave me all her leather scraps, I knew exactly what to do with them.  These leather tassel necklaces are always available to order. :)

The Shibori Scarves are here!!!

An adorable old shop mechanic was kind enough to let us shoot in his garage. We loved the look and feel of this place.

Scarves and Jewelry: Often Wander

Model: Jessie Anderson

Photographer: Andy Rae

Styled by: Often Wander



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