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Designed to be a place of inspiration, motivation, and a juicy little digital digestion full of spirit and optimism, here's your ticket to more laughs, maybe tears (who knows), and at the very least, beautiful images and tidbits that will hopefully bring some love to your heart and your eyeballs.

    Established California

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    Last week was a big week for Often Wander.  I made one huge decision for my business that I'm excited to announce later, and also Often Wander made an appearance...

    Candle Rentals at the Park

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    These photos were taken by the fabulous Amy Lynn Photography at Presidio Park in San Diego.  Hostess Haven was kind enough to lend me some dinnerware for the shoot, and I...

    Often Wander Tags

    Posted on
    This is huge moment for Often Wander.  Taking it to another level with these adorable antiqued brass Often Wander tags.  Often Wander or Wander Often. You choose. A motto. A...

    Announcing!!! Often Wander at NOON shop

    Posted on
    Starting May 15th the Noon Design Shop in Ocean Beach (San Diego), California will be teaming up with yours truly to present this one of a kind collaborative workspace and...

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