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Let's Meet Our Citronella Travel Candle

Introducing our newest candle, the Citronella 6oz Travel Candle!

Don't let those pesky bugs ruin your day any longer. With our unique citronella blend, you can reclaim your outdoor moments with peace and tranquility.

Designed to be mosquito-repellent and perfect for traveling purposes, we have made them very portable to store in your backpack. This candle can be your perfect companion for picnics, camping trips, hikes, or simply enjoying your backyard oasis. Let the powerful benefits of citronella oil work their magic! ✨✨



Let us share some interesting facts about our Citronella Travel Candle:

Did you know... citronella oil is derived from plants in the lemongrass family and functions to repel insects by covering scents they find attractive (like you!). The oil of citronella was registered in the US in 1948 and was also the first to appear in candles around that time.



Most importantly, you will have a bug-free sanctuary wherever you go. Don't let the bugs ruin your day—take control with our trusted Citronella candle. One quick safety tip is to always make sure your outdoor destination allows open flames before using. We are loving the scent, and it doesn't smell like bug spray... we promise.


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