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Setting the Mood

Our Mood Collection is mainly inspired by the feeling of time stopping, the moment of last light when the sun has gone down, but the magic of the sunset still glows upon us, and the serenity of walking in nature as flowers bloom and the wind kisses your hair. When life gets too stressful, we believe that you deserve a break. This is the time when you go home, light up your candles or incense sticks, or enjoy the layers of scents that uncover from your diffuser. Our wonderful collection scents are named after the mood being influenced with a movement or setting, which are Slow Motion, Last Light, Night Walk, and Warm Winds. As we lead you through each scent, we hope that you can get a sense of how they all tie together.


Warm Winds are finally inspired by summer at its finest moments. This is when you feel free and a little playful. On a warm night, when the breeze blows through your hair, you can enjoy all the soft and sweet moments of summer and freedom. The blend of coconut, Freesia, and White Tea will transport you to those blissful moments of relaxation while enjoying your favorite view or a delicious drink.

Night Walk is inspired by the movement of walking through nature under the moonlight. It now transports you to a scene where you find yourself wanting to feel more connected to your natural surroundings. Imagine walking in a setting where you can stop to smell each flower, uncovering layers of new scent. It's like curling up inside of a petal, under a tree in bloom and taking it all in. That's why the scent is lush with a mix of gorgeous florals at their peak blossom, including a soft Magnolia, a sweet Lilac, an exotic Rose, and the strength of the Palo Verde tree.

Last Light is inspired by those magical moments at dusk, when you know it's time to take a break after a long day at work or school, or from whatever things that stress you out. The blend of green tea, jasmine, and sea salt will make that transition from day to night even more satisfying as the scent gives out is meant to be brisk, fresh, and clean with hints of florals and salty ocean breezes.

Slow Motion is inspired by a feeling of falling, and you can easily find yourself being more grounded and having time to focus on yourself when silence starts to kick in, leaving the busy world behind. This scent is designed to be used at your own comfort, falling softly through layers of incense or sage smoke as if you're watching the movement of curling fog hovering over you. It's a combination of various earthy notes of sage, sandalwood, tobacco, and smoke.
Each of our scents is designed to deliver a different feeling and mood whenever you need it, and they also come in distinctive forms to fit whichever aesthetic you prefer, like candles, diffusers, and incense sticks. Not only that, for our incense tubes specifically, there is a QR code on the side of each that pleasantly provides you with a song playlist that we have self-selected to best accommodate your mood for a particular scent.

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