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Copal | Incense

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Copal is a type of resin produced from trees, particularly found in Central America. The resin is then crushed and rolled onto these incense sticks for burning.

The scent is very woody, very frankincense forward, slightly hypnotic, with warmer almost citrus notes.

It is believed that its magical qualities aid with the process of opening to the soul, to intuition and inspiration, it is thought to be food for the ancestors, a way of saying thank you.

Copal is used as a method of divination as shamans would burn the incense and interpret the smoke.

At other times, depending upon belief, the shaman would cast grains of maize after holding them in the smoke and chanting.

The Zapotecs in Milta, Oaxaca would burn the copal under water for finding the cause of fright as it was thought the underside would reveal a picture. 


Comes in a bundle of 6 sticks

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rosemary Zammarelli

I actually read about the incense in a mystery novel - and was intrigued. I like the scent - it's not overwhelming, which sage burning can be. I will be ordering more.

Shannon Snyder
Absolutely better than expected!

You can tell these were handcrafted with love. There is an abundance of product on the sticks and it smells wonderful! I love these and will be ordering more

Divine quality copal

I love their copal (def high quality!) and unique, custom candle scents. ❤️ The team is super knowledgeable and helpful.

Nicholas Ricardo Hunting
Copal Incense

I love the Copal Incense. I had never heard of it until I went to see Sarah. I love the smell for my home. Will definitely be back to buy more!