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Hey friends, welcome back!
First of all I just want to say how grateful I am for this platform to be able to truly communicate and get information and inspiration to you! There is so much newness happening here at Often Wander that we want to share with you!

Biggest shout out and appreciation to our amazing new team of women! Over the summer we welcomed Claire, our newest Often Wander Shop Manager, Jamie our Candle Studio Manger, and Liz our jewelry and candle pouring assistant. We have several other helping hands that support and help create with and for us and we're really happy with how big and wonderful our Girl Gang has become. We women are working hard to keep the magic coming to you. 

Next up, we are over the moon excited to be branching out and opening a pop up shop in San Francisco in just a few weeks! We're headed up there next week to start the renovation of the space and should be open by the end of the month. Its been a dream for so long, and now it's finally here. Can't wait to share the journey over on Instagram! 

Lastly, we're headed to Chicago for Renegade Craft Fair at the end of the week! If you know any retailers in Chicago that I should check out, let me know! 

Okay now lets get to it...


Sarah, Designer & Owner

Always evolving and ever wandering.

Q&A FEATURING @celestialterrestrial 
The colorful, lovable, muralist and artist from Ocean Beach!

If you've been to Ocean Beach, San Diego, then you've definitely seen Celeste's beautiful artwork painted on sides of buildings around our beach community, AND adorned around the entrance of our little shop! We had the pleasure of commissioning Celeste to paint our store front in the winter of 2016, and we didn't know what we were missing until we had our beautiful mural designed and painted by Celeste.

As well known as she is around San Diego, Celeste travels around the world painting and beautifying spaces with gorgeous, thought provoking artwork with story telling and history running deep in her work. We are huge fans, constantly inspired by her, and truly believe this girl could run for president. We are so excited to introduce her to you... 


FEATURED ARTIST: @celestialterrestrial 
Your Name / Business name: Celeste Byers 
Hometown/State: Ocean Beach in San Diego, California 
Years in Business: 8 
Creative Skill: Artist / Muralist 
What does "being creative" mean to you? 

To me, being creative is trying new things, exploring new ways of using or doing old things, and making anything at all whether it be food, painting, gardening, jewelry, dentistry, you name it. Being creative is doing things in your own way and being true to yourself and realizing there are infinite possibilities. It's being open to change and learning. 
How do you define success and how do you measure it? 

Success is feeling good about yourself and proud of what you've done and where you're at. It is accomplishing your goals and the process of working toward your goals and making progress day by day. It is continuing to try, learning from your mistakes, and not giving up. It is getting to places in your life that you never could have dreamed of and realizing that you're there. It's realizing all you've had to accomplish to get to where you are. It's following your dreams and continuing to improve and work on your self and your life. It's enjoying your life and making it what you want. I don't know if you can measure success but you can feel it. 
What do you do to avoid "the burnout"? 

Avoiding the burnout is something I'm in the process of learning. I think it has to do with getting older and realizing that my body can not take non-stop work. I'm learning to accept that there is not enough time in life to do every single thing. We have to choose wisely and give ourselves time for what's important and learn to take care of ourselves. I'm trying to pace myself and give myself breaks to do other activities. 

Favorite hangout spot? 
Anywhere with good company. Mostly in the houses of good friends and family, on the beach, or floating on the water. 
Where can your artwork be found? 
My murals can be found on walls around the United States, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Australia. I have a permanent art installation in Tulum, Mexico and I was recently featured in a zine released by REI that can be found throughout the country. I designed the graphics for a tour bus that will be driving from Florida to San Francisco from late August through mid September and I have some pieces up and for sale at Aloha Beach Club in North Park at the moment. My work can be found at all times on the internet at and @celestialterrestrial 

Inspired by color, feminity, and the shapes of the new collection of jewels, this "chosen" shoot was a dream team of beautiful models: Kristen Chester, Lorna Reyes, Ah'Londra Tate. Photographer: Chase Ottney, and lovely assistant: Rebecca Eichten. Photographed at the San Diego public library, and downtown San Diego. 




Signing out ✌
 Sarah, Jenna, Jessica, Celeste, and Team.