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We meet again :)

Hi friend, what a wild month it's been since we saw you last! Thank you so much for continuing along this exciting journey with us, and many extra thanks to those of you who completed our survey - it was truly a joy reading your words/thoughts/suggestions/questions so we can make the most of our Words from the Wanderers. As a result, we have lots of goodies in store for you below (literally and figuratively), but before we dive into it, we can't wait to congratulate our five fellow wanderers who each won a Peace candle from our previous newsletter!

Big shout out to: 
Diane C. | Jennifer R. | Lisa A. | Alice G. | Gina W.

More chances to win are waiting for you at the bottom of this newsletter - let's get to it, shall we?!
Sarah, Designer & Owner
Always evolving and ever wandering.


San Francisco Manifesto

I don't know how to start this, so I suppose I have to go back a bit.


For those of you who have been following me on Instagram, or know me personally, you might have noticed or heard me talking about my love for the city of San Francisco - hence my visits have only become more frequent.


San Francisco has always felt like a magical place every time I would visit. For at least six years I’ve been dreaming and swooning over what my life would be like if I actually lived there. It's hard to describe but I felt like the universe in many different ways was telling me that I needed to make it there. As a natural born wanderer, this is the city you can actually walk! To see the city right next to big green parks, the bay, the bridges, the art and community, the architecture, the open mindedness. My chest bursts with inspiration and feelings of oneness when I'm there, and I have this same feeling EVER SINGLE TIME I VISIT.

In 2016 before I opened the brick and mortar shop “Often Wander at NOON” in San Diego, I put my 30 day notice on my apartment, quit my job and was planning to move from San Diego to San Francisco. But an opportunity to open retail spaces for a different job unexpectedly presented itself as an invaluable learning opportunity, where I could gain more knowledge to eventually open my own store. So, I started down a path of opening, designing, and managing retail shops, all the while in my mind I knew it was temporary because I wanted:

1. A store of my own

2. To move to San Francisco


The opportunity to open Often Wander at NOON kept me in San Diego, where I have created a business and shop partnership that I am so proud of. While running and managing my shop, my San Diego roots grew deeper and deeper and suddenly it didn't seem possible to ever leave what I've built here. But now, after four years of serious brick and mortar hustle, and after many trips to San Francisco over the past couple of years for shows and visiting friends, I’ve made up my mind - it’s time.

I want to open up a shop in San Francisco.


With every trip to that magical city by the bay, my love grows stronger and my desire to open a storefront grows deeper. This story that started 6 years ago is now reaching its most exciting chapter yet - and I couldn't be more ready.

The storefront is within reach and plans are getting finalized now. It's been so awesome networking and connecting with the community, meeting so many wonderful shop owners, and artists in the city. There is a plan in the works, and I'm hoping to have a physical presence up there in the coming months!

My eye is on the prize. (SAN FRANCISCO I LOVE YOU).

(Nothing is changing with Often Wander at NOON, i'll just be opening another shop). I'll also be wandering back in forth between the two, so don't worry I'm not leaving for good!)


Thanks for following my journey, thanks for reading this and thanks in advance for supporting this new path in my soul city. Stay tuned!



Q&A FEATURING @_shelbyling_

I've known Shelby for a long time, since the very beginning of Often Wander. I remember being so impressed with how many different realms of creativity she played in. She was always making/painting/sewing/building/drawing something and is still to this day so dedicated to creating. I'm so honored to have Shelby as an Often Wander graphic designer on projects like all the astrological candle artwork, and new essential oil candle labels just to name a few (more to come.) Shelby is one of the most talented illustrators, graphic designers, painters, and moms I know and I admire her so much.  I'm so excited to introduce her to you... 
- Sarah
Featured Artist : Shelby Ling
Company Name : Just my name, Shell Ling
Hometown : California!
Years in Business : 8!
Creative Skill : painting, drawing, brain noodling
Where does your mind wander to often?

Oh gosh, a mix of textiles, textures, things in nature, water stuff, how do I convey those feelings and little things in the work that I'm making? How do I make this thing feel like this experience. How to I make this engaging and exciting and worth looking at. Can I wear it? Can I walk through it? Can I stare at it and not get bored?

What does being creative mean to you?

Creativity to me has always been being able to think across multiple dimensions. I always respected and noticed how my favorite artists and designers could work across mediums or applications and still be successful. I wanted to be able to do that, and so at a younger age really tried to do everything. Your creative richness really comes from being able to dig into your tool kit and pull out everything.

How do you avoid "the burnout"?

Hahaha I get the burnout a lot. I work a ton and freelance at night so maybe I'm still not great at it. But, what helps me is working out. If I start feeling sluggish, I work out. If I feel like I don't have any ideas, I go for a walk or get in the ocean and move around. Moving helps me think clearly and generate weird brain noodles. I do burn out frequently. I think it's important to burn out. You can't keep going every second of every day, its just not possible. You need to know your limits and be able to work inside of them.

What advice would you give others pursuing a creative career?

Work your butt off. Creative careers are not for the weak, the lazy, or the asshole. Be nice but also learn how to stand up for yourself. Don't be competitive, there's work for everyone. Be yourself.


Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

I'm dying to get into large scale sculpture. I'm obsessed with texture and shape and I would love to work on a huge scale. I tend to paint really small and tight, so I'm aching to move on at one point.





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Arrive - A blend of Orange, Lemon and Eucalyptus essential Oils. Made for moments of pure rejuvenation, arising and awakening our senses with the bright citrus scent of orange which has been proven to clear and inspire the mind, Lemon that can provide clarity of thought, and Eucalyptus which aids in deep breathing. This blend will provide fresh energy, clearing and inspiring the mind, and will have you ready to take on the day. 
Light every candle with intention and breathe in deeply its aromatherapeutic benefits.
Top: Orange and Lemon and Eucalyptus
Middle: Lavender Rosemary
Base: Ylang Ylang


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Signing out ✌
 Sarah, Jenna, Jessica, Shelby, and Team