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As we stayed in, inspiration struck, and what our normal creative processes would be, were altered significantly. shelter in place, created restrictions which for some creators, gave us new parameters to work within. We used what we had. We wandered within. Within our own neighborhoods. within our photo albums, record collections, and book shelves. We found pieces of ourselves from the past. Places we'd been that had inspired us so long ago. Old journals. Memories of just starting out. Manifestos everywhere. That same passion from so long ago, is still there, just different now. We revisited them like old friends. We spent time with them. We created along side of them. 

wandering my neighborhood, not having a destination, i'd let my gut take the wheel. I’d discover a new view of the city i'd never seen, or a hidden forest within the city that made my heart explode with joy. Spring, flowers in bloom, nature thriving.


Each day was special and each day i’d find myself inspired. Finding inspiration at the beginning of all this felt out of reach. But with TIME, and SPACE, and PLAY, i found some of it. We just needed the TIME to find it. Time to stop, look around, smell the flowers, and find some inner peace for the first time in a long time.




I didn’t create a masterpiece during this time, but I did create something that I love, and loved making it, and that means everything to me. 




so grateful for this break during SPRING. So grateful for the pockets of nature within the city. for dusk. for silence. for this quiet introspective weighted blanket put on us. For all the flowers. For kindness and compassion between strangers. 

I fell back in love with small adventures, with nature, with its sounds and movement. With discovering something new in unexpected places.

For anyone else that found inspiration during this time I celebrate with you. But this is one rosey perspective on it. it was not always rainbows and sunshine. This was a very difficult, scary, challenging, isolating, and lonely time. A roller coaster of emotions every day. Ups and downs . Finding our groove and then loosing it again. Realizing our community and feeling connected, but then remembering we cant touch them, hug them, play or dance with them. 




 We may have just gotten through the worst of it. Not sure yet, but I look back at the past two months nostalgically already. 




How can we create that same amount of space again under different circumstances? 



We must always take time to wander. For spontaneity. And do it often.