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Caribbean Lookbook

This past summer I was lucky enough to WANDER to Antigua (pronounced an-TEE-guh) an island in the Caribbean with Amy Bjornson.  Amy was flying out there to shoot a wedding for her photography business, and she asked if I wanted to tag along. I had been asking the universe for a reason to travel so I was beyond grateful for the opportunity.

Having never been to the Caribbean, or anywhere semi exotic, I really didn't know what to expect.  I classified myself as more of an exploratory traveler, and not so much a poolside, lay back, and relax type traveler.  But after working almost everyday for the past 2 years, this type of vacation was much needed and well deserved. 

I brought along with me, my personal collection of jewelry and some extras to shoot.

It was really fun wearing bright beaded bracelets and long bright and shimmery hammered necklaces. I was stopped by everyone. 

We stayed at Coco Bay Resort, and made friends with the staff instantly.  Everyone was so nice and the place could not be more beautiful. 

Had to sneak in a picture of the baby goats we met at the beach one day.  They were born a few hours before we had arrived and to our surprise they were alone.  We met the shepherd, who told us that new moms typically leave their babies for hours after they are born to go and eat.  The goats were calling for their mama, and it broke our hearts. The shepherd assured us that these babies would be fine and the mama would be back soon to feed them.  They were little heart melters.

This is Gabriella.  She's 4 and came right over to me when I was laying in the water and wanted her picture taken too.  She was adorable.  

Needless to say we had an amazing time, and i'm so grateful to Amy for asking me to come with her for the most beautiful, serene, and relaxing adventure yet.

Photos: By Amy Lynn Photography

Swimwear: Issa De Mar



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