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Summer Solstice Limited Candle

Summer is here, and we are excited to bring back the Summer Solstice Candle for a limited time!



Our new candle captures the sun-soaked energy of summer and features a delightful fragrance combination that will satisfy your summer spirit. With notes of coconut, magnolia, fig, and jasmine, your space will be filled with the natural scents reminiscent of blooming flowers outdoors.



Imagine all those summer memories float past you as you fill your home with the sweet scents of a warm summer evening.

This scent is easy going, familiar, nostalgic.



Allow yourself to fully embrace this beautiful sunny summer, a season of new beginnings.

Set intentions for each burn: Call in brightness, joy, ease, and positivity and 
allowing yourself to immerse in the abundant energy of full bloom.


Capture the alignment of the sun's energy which gives life to all areas of your life that have been dormant. Awaken, and enjoy. 


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