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Blooming Single Origin

With the spring season in the air, we would like to introduce you to the Spring Edition of our Single Origin Collection. Known for its hype over the last few years, we always strive to curate scents that are the perfect fit for each season. This spring, we have chosen Rose, Lavender, Neroli, and Sweetgrass. This edition of the Single Origin candles is all about those middle notes: floral, fruity, and fresh.

Lavender is a delicate, sweet, floral, and herbal scent that calms and soothes.


Neroli is a citrusy, floral, and slightly bitter scent that will cleanse the air.


Rose is an enchanting and romantic, musky and floral familiar fragrance.


Sweetgrass is a pleasantly sweet, sharp, and refreshing scent of dewy spring greens.


The Single Origin Collection draws inspiration from traditional scents that form the basis of perfumery and fragrance creation. You can use them on their own for a straightforward fragrance encounter, or combine them with other candles in our range to craft a layered aroma.


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