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Scents of Spring

As winter fades away and spring begins to work its magic, beautiful flowers are blooming everywhere, the sun shines on your face, and the air is fresh.
Being outdoors is truly the best way to experience all of these amazing moments, but! what if we told you that we have a way for you to embrace this spring magic inside as well?
Often Wander's Spring Signature Collection will make you and your space feel fresh, calm, and centered while bringing the essence of spring into your home and into your heart.

Oakmoss Amber Spring Signature Candle

Oakmoss Amber is a rich, woodsy combination of herbs and the warm, musky, sweet aroma of amber.

Magnolia Sea Salt Spring Signature Candle

Magnolia Sea Salt is a sweet and soft blend of warm magnolia petals and the salty sea air.

Grapefruit Mango Spring Signature Candle

Grapefruit Mango is the spring scent packed with super creamy, smooth, fruity freshness.

Lemongrass Sage Rose

Lemongrass Sage Rose is a sweet but earthly mix of citrus, herbs, and soft rose petals.

Vetiver Clove Cardamom Spring Signature Candle

Vetiver Clove Cardamom is a strong, clean, sweet, and spicy blend of earthly groundedness.

Lavender Eucalyptus Spring Signature Candle

Lavender Eucalyptus is the ultimate candle for relaxation with a fresh and rejuvenating combination of cleansing and calming herbs.

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