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Rope | Incense

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Through United Other's extensive research and explorations of sacred woods, herbs, and tree resins from all around the world, each incense blend is intended to create an atmosphere of peace as well as serve a powerful purpose.

"We hope that these Incense Ropes, will become a part of your personal ritual as an act of clearing, evocation, honoring and invitation – filling the air with that which you want to bring forth."


Sample Pack Includes:


Hinoki — Peace of Mind & Awakens New Potentiality

Palo Santo — Clears Energy, Heightens Creativity & Cosmic Connections

Copal — Clears, Aligns & Opens Awareness


Palo Santo — Clears Energy,  Heighthens Creativity & Cosmic Connections

Yerba Santa — Releases Blocks & Awakens Soul Expression

Breuzihno — Cleanses & Deepens The Soul Connection


Boswella Sacra — Deep Grounding & Knowing

Frankincense — Meditative & Awaken Spiritual Awareness

Dammar — Lightness of Being & Strengthens Knowledge


Cedar Leaves — Clears, Connects & Honors Higher Realms

Lavender  Peace to Mind & Body 

Breuzinho - Cleanses & Deepens The Soul Connection


Fragrance also available:


Patchouli — Arousing Sensuality, Confidence & Freedom

Palo Santo — Clears Energy, Heightens Creativity & Cosmic Connections

Oakmoss — Grounding, Enhances Sensitivity & Awareness

Dammar — Clears, Aligns & Opens Awareness


Burn Time: ≈ 30-40 min./Rope

Hand-dyed, Hand-rolled, Hand-crafted Small Batches in L.A.

By: UnitedOther


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