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The Fairy Angel Stack | Beaded Bracelets



Rainbow Moonstone is known to enhance the feminine aspects of one's nature.

It increases intuitive and magical abilities while cleansing negative energy from the Chakra system and the aura.

This beautiful stone soothes and heals the emotions, restoring hope an optimism.

It can also aid in regulating menstrual and fertility cycles and can ease menopause.

Opalite has been known to improve communication on all levels, especially spiritually. Removing energy blockages of the chakras and meridians.

Emotionally, Opalite assists one during transitions of all kinds.

Angel Aura Quartz lifts spirits, cleanses the auric field, and enhances concentration during meditation.

The rainbow aura brings joy, optimism, and contentment to the bearer while promoting the activation and integration of the "Rainbow Light Body".

Chalcedony aids in the balancing of the mind, body, emotions, and spirit, making these subtle and stunning Chalcedony Beaded Bracelets perfect for everyday wear.

While alleviating hostility, irritability, and melancholy with its nurturing energy, Chalcedony facilities genuine communication and the speaking of one's truth.

Each bead holds the Goddess energy, promoting divine communication and emanates a calming and soothing energy.


The Fairy Angel Stack is made up of:

(1) Rainbow Moonstone Beaded Bracelet

(1) Opalite Beaded Bracelet

(1) Angel Aura Beaded Bracelet

(1) Chalcedony Beaded Bracelet


Each Often Wander stack comes with 4 gemstone beaded bracelets.

Measuring approximately 7" around, these bracelets are strung on stretch elastic so they will fit most wrist sizes.

Due to the precious nature of the gemstones, each bracelet is slightly different from the next, with variations on designs and placement of metal accents.

Every bracelet is adorned with an "Often Wander" charm.

Handmade in San Francisco and San Diego, Ca.

Sold separately.


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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Battaglia
Love this new Fairy Angel Stack 💕

I gave these as a gift to a good friend! It was the perfect gift for her, her eyes lit upand she wore them during her bday lunch and they glowed on her wrist. Now I want some for myself💕

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