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Strawberry Quartz | Points | Crystal

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Strawberry Quartz is a rare quartz crystal that is believed to transmit the vibrations of universal love. It is connected to the heart chakra, and can be beneficial for heart health and circulation, thereby stimulating the body and mind.

Although this stone can be a great catalyst for promoting one's energy, it is known to be a calm and soothing crystal that helps create a loving space.

Crystal points purify, cleanse, and clear the energy of a room. Your crystal will absorb all the negativity and unwanted energy, leaving the environment lighter and uplifted.

The most powerful tool to use for setting intentions and manifesting them into the universe are crystal points. Meditating with a crystal point in your hands or placed in front of you will guide you to a clearer mind; letting go of of clutter, stress and anxiety.

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Hannah Rooks

Beautiful. Just as everything else in your store!