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Auric Opulence | Beaded Bracelet Stack

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Crisp mental clarity meets autumnal aura protection as this hematite, jasper, and moonstone stack up to give sensuous seasonal synergies!

Hematite is a wonderful crystal for grounding, balancing, clearing, and activating the root chakra, which anchors us and provides a sense of safety and stability. It can also be employed as a protection stone, absorbing and deflecting negativity and toxic energy.

Ocean Jasper is a powerful combination crystal that offers soothing waves of colors delivering vibrations of interconnectedness and unconditional love. This crystal provides deep relaxation vibes, like the sound of soft waves lapping at the shore. Recharge your aura by incorporating ocean jasper into your spiritual and meditative practices, and let it serve as a reminder to flow like water, around and over, and in allowance of any perceived blockages.

Moonstone helps to sooth worry or anxiety allowing the user to celebrate the positive experiences of life, allowing one to see the positive in all situations. Not only does Moonstone encourage gratitude and contentment, it also heals and soothes the emotional body which can enhance sensuality and sexual confidence.

Each Often Wander stack comes with 4 gemstone beaded bracelets at a 10% savings!

The Auric Opulence Stack is made up of:

(1) Rainbow Hematite Beaded Bracelet

(1) Siren Hematite Beaded Bracelet

(1) Mystic Ocean Jasper Cuffed Beaded Bracelet

(1) Mystic Moonstone Cuffed Beaded Bracelet

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