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SD Candle Production Manager: Job Description

Hello there!

Often Wander is looking for a rockstar Candle Studio Production Manager.

Our production studio creates all our handmade candles, diffusers, perfume, incense, hand sanitizer, etc.

This role offers a variety of tasks including, but not limited to: wicking/labeling candles, pouring diffusers, bundling reed sticks, collecting inventory from basement, running stock to shop, and assisting in candle production.

A friendly heads ups, any sensitivities to fragrances, wax, or oils will be heightened/triggered in this role. If you experience sensitivity from any of these sorts of products, this may not be the best position for you.


Job Title: Candle Production Manager (AKA candle maker)

Reporting to: Store Owner and Regional Manager

Compensation: $20 per hour starting

Hours: Full Time; 9:00 – 5:30 Monday - Friday. 40 hours.

Schedule Requirements: Must be available during Holidays & Month of December

(Examples: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, etc.)

Location: 2400 Kettner Blvd #252 San Diego CA 92101




The Often Wander Production Manager is the star of our back-end operation in San Diego. This role is responsible for all the production of our candles, diffusers, perfumes, hand sanitizer, hair oil, incense, and more. Because this is such an important role in the company, we are looking for a rockstar with production and manufacturing experience. We are looking for a highly efficient multi-tasker, with excellent attention to detail and an innate ability to prioritize. A skilled communicator and logical thinker who works well in a team, as well and independently. Is proficient in basic emailing and data entry skills. This person is consistently reliable and can both learn and work quickly and accurately, while remaining organized. The ideal candidate will enjoy active work with their hands, and takes immense care in their work. Looking for someone with the ability to think on the fly, be self-motivated, safety conscious, and ambitious. 



  • Prepares all raw materials to facilitate the candle production process.
  • Follow recipes and hand pour each individual candle/diffuser/perfume etc.
  • Hand-labels each product. 
  • Inspect each candle to ensure high quality.
  • Tracks inventory for all raw materials and finished products and alerts supervisors when stock is low.
  • Receives all material supply orders and intakes into inventory.
  • Maintains organization and cleanliness of the studio area and all storage spaces.
  • Manages candle refill program.
  • Performs any other tasks that may be associated with studio production.
  • May perform various other tasks as directed by the supervisor.
  • Excels in data organization via excel and email
  • Be the main point of contact for all production projects
  • Ensure the best use of existing and future resource management in the studio
  • Plan and manage the execution of production projects from beginning to end
  • Work with our team to hit deadlines, budgets, objectives, etc.
  • Provide daily communication with our team regarding and production news/updates, etc.


  • Experience in a tactile, creative hands-on environment is preferred.
  • Experience in production or manufacturing is preferred.
  • Must be able to routinely lift 50 lbs boxes.
  • Comfortable working with their hands all day.


  • Store Discounts
  • Sick Time
  • Monthly Candle Credit
  • Friendly and exciting work environment.


Any sensitivities to fragrances, wax, or oils will be heightened/triggered in this role. If you experience sensitivity from any of these sorts of products, this may not be the best position for you.


Each employee is paid weekly via direct deposit on Fridays. 

In addition to hourly pay we offer 50% off all our handmade productions (candles and jewelry) and 30% off all other vendors' products we carry.

Additionally, after completing a 90-day probationary period, each month every employee is gifted a $60 Candle Credit to use towards Often Wander candles and refills.

Raises are awarded when initiative and hard work are shown in the beginning.

Employees who have been with us after 1 year, are able to redeem accrued PTO. 


We are a growing small business, looking for quality team members who can add to our tight knit group of creative individuals who are fully supported and loved within these walls and beyond.

Thank you for your interest, we can't wait to meet you!


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