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Custom Candle Week

One week out of each month we step our refill game up beyond the greatness that it already is!

How it works.

Bring us clean and unique vessels during one of our custom candle refill weeks, choose from any of our current Often Wander fragrances *yes, any fragrance*, and we will pour a candle in your vessel for just $3/ounce ($4/ounce if you select from our Essential Oil Candle line).

We will measure the volume of your container(s) in store, on-the-spot. From there, we will gather your contact information, collect payment, and send your soon-to-be custom candle to our production studio.

You can expect a message for pickup for your full, ready-to-burn candle in 7-10 business days.

While larger vessels make amazing statement pieces, they do add up quick! Smaller, unique pieces are just right for this service.


Now that CANDLE DESIGN PARTIES are back, Custom Candle Weeks and the Design Parties will be alternating each month.

Here's when they're happening next!
Often Wander's June Custom Candle Week Calendar

Vessel Requirements:

Must be able to hold liquid, so no holes — including items like teapots.

The vessel should basically be as wide at the mouth (top) is it is at the base (bottom).

Minimum 2" wide opening.

Vessel cannot exceed 5" tall.

The inside bottom of the container must have a flat, smooth surface area for the wick to stick properly.

Acceptable Vessel Materials: Glass, Ceramic, Aluminum, Brass

Any questions? Contact us at

**Important Candle Care:
Start by trimming the wick to 1/4 of an inch in length, every time you burn.
Do not let the flame burn over 1” high.
Never leave unattended or in reach of pets or children.
Always place on a temperature safe surface.
DO NOT burn near anything flammable!
For optimal results, on your first burn, let the entire surface pool before blowing me out, candle will burn evenly every time there after.

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