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Candle Care and Refills

    General Candle Care

    for optimum results

    – On your first burn, let the entire surface pool before blowing out;

    Candle will burn evenly every time there after –

    – Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch –

    – Trim wick as often as needed –

    – Do NOT let flame burn over 1 inch high –

    – NEVER leave candle unattended –

    – Keep out of reach of children and pets –

    – Place on a temperature safe surface –

    – Do NOT burn near anything flammable –

    – Do NOT attempt to burn if vessel is cracked or damaged –



    Reduce – Reuse – Refill



    Here at Often Wander we offer 1/2 priced candle refills on any of our candles at either our San Diego, or San Francisco location to help our landfills and to save our customers some green too! You can even pick a new scent each time!

    Want to refill candles you didn't purchase from us? Check our event calendar for future candle designing parties, where you can bring in whatever vessel you choose to be filled with your own custom scent or one of our signature scents!


    Due to COVID-19 and our efforts to keep both our employees and customers safe, we are asking that candle refills be cleaned prior to returning them to us. Please see our quick and easy cleaning instructions below:

    Candle Cleaning Instructions

    (for Refills)

    Help us stay safe and healthy by cleaning your candle vessels before you return them to us for refills!

    Prepare by gathering the following supplies:

    – A spoon –

    – Paper towels or cleaning rags –

    – Cleaning solution in a spray bottle –

    *(soap and hot water also works!)*

    STEP 1:

    Scoop any remaining wax out of the bottom of the vessel with the spoon.

    Also use the spoon to dislodge the base of the wick and remove from the vessel.

    Discard both and continue to the next step.

    STEP 2:

    Use paper towels (or cleaning rags) to wipe out excess wax residue

    from the walls AND the bottom of the vessel.

    Use a cleaning solution to remove stubborn soot and wax residue.

    Continue wiping until vessel is thoroughly clean.

    Optional: Dish soap and hot water is also a perfectly effective cleaning method for Step 2.

    And Voila!

    You are left with a perfectly clean candle vessel, ready for us to refill for you!

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