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Indigo Denim | African Textiles



Denim Mossi textiles are hand stitched, woven, died, and printed on in Mali, West Africa using indigo dye.

Use them as a throw, beach or park blanket, tapestry, or use the fabric for that upholstery project you've been wanting to do for months now.

A great textile for just about anything!

Unlike chemical dyes, indigo does not bleed. But because many hand-dyed indigo cloths contain excess indigo on the surface of the fibers, this excess can rub off onto your hands or your sewing machine. Therefore, you should wash indigo before you use it.

*Please see the Indigo Denim Textile Care Instructions below.


Dimensions: ≈ 2.5' x 5.5'

Each textile is

precious and unique, and differs from the next.

Due to their authenticity, the dyed pattern may be slightly different from the photo. You can choose from a light or dark dye and we will pick the pattern design especially for you.

Please know that due to the handmade nature of these pieces, natural abrasion is normal.

Sold separately.


Indigo Denim Textile Care Instructions:

1. Soak the fabric for at least 15 minutes in cold water. 

2. Wash 

separately from other items on gentle with PH neutral soap at 30º C (86º F).

Before washing your Indigo Denim textile, it is best to test a small piece of any part of the fabric to make sure the cleaning agent and/or detergent works properly.

If you have never cleaned an Indigo Denim fabric before with a certain kind of detergent, it is best to test it. But, once you know that a detergent works well, you can use it on all your future Indigo textiles!

Most detergents will work well, but it is best to take the extra precaution.

Avoid using the harsher kinds of detergents and soaps with chemicals as you can never be quite sure of the chemical reaction that might take place with the dyes of the fabric and the cleaning agent.

3. Rinse in cold water.

4. Repeat rinsing until the water runs clear.

5. Hang or lay out flat to dry. Please do not dry these garments in direct sunlight — this can cause excessive fading.


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