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Gabriel is a Sales Associate in San Diego.

"My personal favorite candle, Slow Motion, comes from Often Wander's thoughtfully inspired Mood Collection. For me, it is the ultimate 'unwind-and-relax' candle. With its masculine scents of tobacco and smoke paired soothingly with and sandalwood, you'll find yourself lulled to a distinctly more relaxed headspace."

"White Howlite stood out to me with its glossy, pristine white appearance enhanced by its blackish gray webbings that flow naturally throughout the entire stone. As someone who feels foggy on a regular basis due to trouble sleeping, this was a perfect match for meditating before bed with the intention of a clear and worry-free mind — which is absolutely essential for a good night's rest."

"My favorite accessory I've adopted from Often Wander us the Dalmatian Jade w/ Coral Beaded Bracelet. Dalmatian Jade truly speaks to my quick-witted and go-with-the-flow Gemini nature. It reawakens that fun, quirky, and humorous side and the style points the pop of pink coral offers makes it king of high scores both in my book AND in my 'lewk!'" 

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