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Desert Palm Springs Shoot

This spring I traveled to Palm Spring with two of my favorite gals Amy and Annie.


Amy is one of my favorite photographers and a good friend who's always down for an adventure. We last minute decided to book a room at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, packed up the car full of jewels, candles, looks, the pup, a camera,  and good vibes.


Our first stop was on our way into downtown Palm Springs, we pulled over on the side of the road changed clothes and wandered out and to our surprise took some of the coolest shots here...

My ray of sunshine Annie joined us and graced us with this unbelievable hair, spirit, and smile.

Grab one of Annie's denim jackets HERE.


We checked into the Ace Hotel and basically moved in and took over. Spreading our African Mud Cloths out, and hanging them up in the room.

You'll never catch me traveling without a Palo Santo candle. Not only does it cleanse the energy of the space you're inhabiting, but it creates a sense of comfort and home.


A major reason for wanting to stay at the Ace is my newest obsession with their Pina Coladas. So obsessed that I made a candle celebrating their deliciousness. (Graphic Design by my girl Rebecca Eichten.)

Super excited to have my two favorite things together in this shot ;)

This gorgeous human showed up into our lives the night before in the hot tub with her man and we were immediately drawn to them. I love meeting new people like this. Myra is a talented qween living in LA teaching, modeling, dj'ing, etc, and lovingly agreed to model for us this particular morning straight out of the pool. I mean c'mon! Killing us with this beauty!

LLast up on the schedule was one more spot, and we didn't know where we would end up, but found ourselves back in San Diego for this location.  Always important to go with the flow and remain open to what magic the universe has to offer you.



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