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Slow Motion | 24 Mood Incense Sticks

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Our Slow Motion Mood Incense Sticks are inspired by a feeling of falling.

A hypnotic and trance like state of moving in slow motion in a fast paced world.

It's falling softly through layers of incense or sage smoke as if in a dream or watching the movement of curling fog hovering over you.

A balanced and layered scent of all earthly treasures: Sage, Sandalwood, Tobacco, and Smoke create a meditative and mature scent that is balmy, woodsy, and smokey.

Fall deeper and deeper into a state of bliss and inner peace as you breath in each new layer.


**Each incense tube has a little extra surprise for you. A magical QR code that sends you directly to a Spotify playlist curated for each scent's MOOD. We hope you enjoy!

Is this a gift? We've got you covered. Just mention it in order notes in your cart before checkout!

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Absolutely love!!