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Look Book Queen's Oasis >>> Balboa Park

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Sometimes all the variables of planning a creative adventure are effortless, and the clouds part and the sun glows, and the talent is top notch, and the magic is tangible. That was definitely the case with this shoot with Chase Ottney and Ah'Londra Tate. 

We all met up in Balboa Park one afternoon to just play around. If only we could all make more time for creative play time, creative collaboration, to make art with friends, and bring our talents together to make something beautiful. 

Ah'Londrah is a natural beauty who emits a golden aura that matches the jewelry adorned on her. Confidently queening, this gorgeous human shows us a hidden part of her soul in each photo we captured.


Leaf Earrings $68

Crescent Moon Necklace $56, Arrive Candle $36, High Line Necklace $40 

Arrowhead Earrings $68

Lotus Earrings $72

Jingle Earrings $40, Dalmatian Jasper Beaded Bracelet, $24

Golden Goddess Earrings $68

Magenta Jingle Earrings $40

Lotus Earrings $72, High Line Necklace $40 


Chase is a dear friend of mine and his photography is simply blowing me away. If only I could connect him with Vogue, I'm sure he'd have a new profession. 

Never have I been so proud to put my jewelry on a more beautiful subject. The rich lush background, Ah'Londrah's gorgeous skin, and the golden reflection in the jewelry make my heart swell.

Photos: Chase Ottney


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