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Ascend: If a cool breeze on a warm day had a scent. This fragrance is light and bright and up lifting. This instant energizing aroma will take you to a happy place. A fresh blend of white tea leaves, fig, and heliotrope will mesmerize you.

Expand: This is the scent that you smell all around you. Sensual amber, swirling around earthy sandalwoods, and cedar woods mixed with bright and light white florals, tobacco, and heavy musks. This beautiful combination appeals to both men and women.
Touch: If a moment of sacred connection had a scent. It's the dizzying glow of bright white light swirling around your head as you discover a brief sensation. This fragrance is a magical blend of bergamot, coriander, jasmine, and rose. The scent will wrap you up in a warm, floral, and satisfying aromatic hug. A perfume for all humans on this dimensional plane.
Spin: An intoxicating and exotic scent that is clean, light, and musky all at the same time. A nostalgic scent that reminds you of a past lover. With underlying woodsy base notes, and a bright hint of citrus. The scent will linger and intoxicate you and those around you.
Shadow: If a darker and moodier place where we ground down and take things slow had a scent. Reminiscent of the forest floor, fresh with woodsy dark dampness. Touch is full of heavy aromas such as frankincense, amber, musk and cedar. This scent has a tempestuous energy mixed with a reverence for the outdoors. 


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