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Friends of Often Wander >>> Shelby Ling

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Q&A FEATURING @_shelbyling_



Featured Artist : Shelby Ling

Company Name : Just my name, Shell Ling

Hometown : California!

Years in Business : 8!

Creative Skill : painting, drawing, brain noodling

Website :


Where does your mind wander to often?

Oh gosh, a mix of textiles, textures, things in nature, water stuff, how do I convey those feelings and little things in the work that I'm making? How do I make this thing feel like this experience. How to I make this engaging and exciting and worth looking at. Can I wear it? Can I walk through it? Can I stare at it and not get bored?

What does being creative mean to you?

Creativity to me has always been being able to think across multiple dimensions. I always respected and noticed how my favorite artists and designers could work across mediums or applications and still be successful. I wanted to be able to do that, and so at a younger age really tried to do everything. Your creative richness really comes from being able to dig into your tool kit and pull out everything.

How do you avoid "the burnout"?

Hahaha I get the burnout a lot. I work a ton and freelance at night so maybe I'm still not great at it. But, what helps me is working out. If I start feeling sluggish, I work out. If I feel like I don't have any ideas, I go for a walk or get in the ocean and move around. Moving helps me think clearly and generate weird brain noodles. I do burn out frequently. I think it's important to burn out. You can't keep going every second of every day, its just not possible. You need to know your limits and be able to work inside of them.

What advice would you give others pursuing a creative career?

Work your butt off. Creative careers are not for the weak, the lazy, or the asshole. Be nice but also learn how to stand up for yourself. Don't be competitive, there's work for everyone. Be yourself.


Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

I'm dying to get into large scale sculpture. I'm obsessed with texture and shape and I would love to work on a huge scale. I tend to paint really small and tight, so I'm aching to move on at one point.




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