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There's an exciting new project in the works here at Often Wander! Designer, Candle Maker & Wanderer, Sarah, has been working hard on a new line of Astrology candles. The line will consist of 12 candles, with each scent specifically created for each Astrological sign. Matching scents to the signs, was inspired by an article Sarah read that talked about which fragrances each sign is attracted to. Astrology is a topic that has been a long time interest of Sarah's, and with that, a desire to better understand each sign, how they feel love, how they give it. Reading this article was the final inspiration Sarah needed to pursue mixing two things she loves together, Astrology and Candle Making. 



The Astrological Candle line, will be a collaborative effort, with Shelby Ling from Dirt & Honey creating the artwork, and Rebecca Eichtein creating the graphics. It will also be a more transportable candle, being poured into a metal tin, vessel that will come with a lid. Sarah's inspiration behind this, is to allow the candles to wander with you. Whether it's camping, or traveling to a new city, staying in a hotel or visiting friends, this candle is made to go with you. 

(Photo by Renata Amazonas)

Stay tuned as Sarah is hoping to launch this product within the next few weeks.


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